Monday, November 29, 2010

My first blog...

So for a few weeks now, I have had friends commenting that I should start a food blog.  I am a self-claimed foodie, and am consistently emailed by friends on food suggestions.  Now, I do not claim to know all of the best places to eat and the best recipes to create.  However, I do know some tricks on how to eat in Washington, DC and around the world on the budget of a Graduate Student.

I have always loved food and good restaurants, but I hate the price tag.  When I started graduate school two years ago, I thought my fine dining days were over.  However, I learned a few tricks and awesome do-at-home meals to satisfy my need for good food.  I hope to share some of my ideas, tricks, hot spots, and adventures as I try to find the biggest gourmet bang for my graduate budget in DC and around the globe.