Monday, July 11, 2011

Curbside Cupcakes Truck

You know me. (Or at least I feel like you know me by now....) Practically every week I crave a cupcake. So last week when I discovered that the SweetBites truck was on vacation, I almost had a meltdown. How was I going to satisfy my longing for scrumptious cake? However, when I logged onto Fiesta Food Truck, what did I find??? A different cupcake truck parked at McPherson Square, Curbside Cupcakes.

I quickly grabbed my wallet and made a beeline for the truck.  The first thing I noticed about this truck was their efficiency.  I always like seeing a two-window system where you pay at one window, them move to the next for your product. However, there was no smiling, no talking with you, just business (which is not what I get with other trucks). This could be because I arrived at the end of their time at McPherson, but still, no warm an fuzzies from this truck.

I love that they have a frequent purchase card (more trucks should do this!!); however, I don't know when I will ever use it.  This is because of the sheer disappointment I felt eating my red velvet cupcake...

Why was I disappointed? Well, as you see my picture, the cupcake was lopsided and not the prettiest cupcake around. You could see bits of flour in the cake that had not been mixed properly, and the consistency was sticky. I don't mean sticky like the delicious stickiness in a dulce de leche cake. It was like the cake was sticking to my teeth as I ate, even though it wasn't humid outside (which can sometimes affect a cake's feel).

Secondly, the cream cheese frosting was way too sweet.  Although the cupcake is smaller than other establishment's, it was so sweet that my stomach had that heavy feeling you have after eating something way too sweet. Like a sugared up brick just sitting there. Oui, not fun.

Sadly, I wish that I could recommend this truck, but I can't. My intern even tried a cupcake for herself after I told her of my disappointment, and she too had similar feelings about their chocolate cupcake. So with a heavy heart, I dissuade all of you from using this truck....and urge you to go to Sweet Bites instead.

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