Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kick up your ramen

I have been laying in bed all this fine Fourth of July weekend with the flu....its lovely really. It is not like I had any plans...Ok, I'm finished with the sarcasm.  But of course this illness falls on me before I head to my weekly trip to the grocery store. Lets just say that my fridge is looking pretty.....bare.

So I peer into my kitchen for some sustenance and what do I have? A plethora of pasta in different sizes, a can of coffee, some milk, frozen pizza, popcorn, some chicken ramen, and a few other miscellaneous items. Yep, I'm in desperate need of a re-stock.  Still, when you're sick, you don't really want anything too flavorful, so I of course grabbed the ramen.

Even though I'm sick, I still have taste buds! And although ramen is known for it's abundance of *ahem* sodium, what it really lacks is texture.  So while the noodles were boiling, I stirred in some shredded carrots (which I always keep in the fridge), a handful of frozen peas, and a couple shakes of cracked black pepper.  Let me tell you this soup hit the spot.  I felt like I was eating more than just noodles and gained at least a little more nutrients from the added veggies.  Although I don't buy ramen very often, I am glad that I had some in my cabenent for such a time as this!

So what do you do to spice up your ramen?

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