Monday, March 14, 2011

Lobster Food Truck

So I had a crazy Selection Sunday yesterday, which meant ZERO time to make lunch like I had planned...very un-Graduate-Gourmet of me.....So I signed on to my handy Food Truck Locator Website and saw that none other than the Red Hook Lobster Pound food truck was in my area.  Well of course, I had to give this infamous truck a try! So I headed with a friend to Franklin Square for some lobster rolls.

When we arrived at the truck, the line was so long I almost considered heading to the Korean BBQ Taco truck around the corner instead (which I will definitely visit in the near future).  I would say there were probably 15-20 people in line at 12:45 pm and it was not the warmest day out... That shows the dedication of this truck's followers!

Now, I know this post should be all about the food, but wow is this truck's ordering system efficient! With most food trucks you order, pay, and receive your food from one window.  With this truck, you order and pay at the first window, then move down to the second for your food, then grab a fountain drink for yourself at the end...PLUS, they take credit cards!  This is a huge plus for me because I like to track my spending by watching my bank account daily instead of saving receipts or using cash. 

Ok, my weird obsession with efficiency aside, one down side to this truck would have to be the price.  It's $15 for just the lobster roll, and an additional $3 for chips and a drink.  However, you get A LOT of lobster on this roll! I mean, just look at the two rolls below!

This first roll (above) is the Maine-style lobster roll and has a mayo based sauce...

While the second roll (above) is the Connecticut-style roll and has a butter based sauce. **Side note, obviously I am not a pig and did not ordered two rolls for myself...this second one was my friends, but you knew that...right?**

Of the two rolls, it is hard to decide which one I liked better.  When I think of a lobster roll, my head simply screams that it must be creamy like the Maine-style roll.  However, the Connecticut-style roll had a nice seasoning in the butter sauce, which really made me re-think my choice of the traditional lobster roll. Either way, large chunks of lobster (sometimes even the whole claw!) encased within a buttery soft roll have your mouth telling your brain to forget just how much you paid.

My eating companion also purchased one of the truck's huge whoopie pie, but the flavor (or lack of flavor) left much to be desired. So if you head to this gourmet lobster truck, stick with the crustacean and away from the pastry.  

Still, the moral of this post is YOU MUST VISIT THIS TRUCK!!  It definitely lives up to the hype....but maybe only on special occasions so you don't break the bank.

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