Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review: Vapiano


Has this ever happened to you? You go out to dinner with a couple friends (or more than 4), have an awesome time with each other, only to have the evening slightly ruined with a check-splitting fiasco?  I know I have! 

Well say "never again!" because a great concept for a restaurant/bar has come to DC, Vapiano.  I have to say that this is one of the most ingenious bars in the city. When you walk in you are handed your own debit card of sorts. They have a dining hall type ordering system.  How it works is you order your own food, drinks, desserts, etc, yourself and they place your order on your card.  At then end of the evening, you simply pay for what is on your card at the door. Thus, no more check splitting! So great.

Last night, a few friends and I wanted to find a place outside to hang out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  After roaming numerous places that were too packed in Dupont Circle, we finally ended up at Vapiano and had a great time. They have a rather large outdoor seating area, as well as plenty of space inside.  A few of us also bought some of their mini desserts, and man were they great! The desserts were small enough to feel like you had something sweet but not so small to be left wishing there was more. I especially liked my strawberries and vanilla mascarpone cheese dessert, but the others were just as tasty.  

Vapiano's main menu features an array of pasta dishes, pizzas, and panini sandwiches.  Although the prices are low and you are ordering your food at the counter, don't think for one second that the food quality is poor. They use great ingredients and make your food right in front of you.  So if you want a cool bar/restaurant to chill at without some of the hype of other places, definitely check out Vapiano.

Rating (out of *****): ****
Price (out of $$$):  $ 
Address:2 Locations: Dupont - 18th & M, Chinatown - H & 7th 

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