Thursday, April 14, 2011

$1 Lunch?!

Yes, you read it right. Tomorrow LivingSocial (  is having $1 instant lunches all over DC! All you have to do is have their moble app on your iPhone or Android (sorry Blackbery), and select the instant deal you want.

I don't have either of these phones, but this app also works on your iPod touch.  I basically download the coupon to my iPod, then take my iPod with the confirmation screen with me to the venue. I can't get back on the internet at that point, but I can still get the deal!

Spread the word! $1 for lunch!!

1 comment:

  1. UPDATE: So if you didn't get your deal early, you are out of luck! The LivingSocial site was not working from around 10-11:30...or at least it wasn't for I missed out...I hope you all did not!