Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boston, Part 2

On our last day in Boston, we were wondering around the city aimlessly enjoying the sites.  As we were walking around the famous Beacon Hill, I started to get hungry. Josh pulled out his fancy phone and found a couple places nearby that were rated well on Yelp.  The first place was super crowded, but luckily, the second place on the list was right next door.  That place was Figs.

My first impression of Figs was that it was super cute! There was seating for maybe 25 people and a wood-burning pizza oven in the back.  After we sat down at a table, I looked down at the menu and saw that Figs is actually a Tod English restaurant. All of a sudden I started geeking out since he's been a guest judge on just about every cooking competition show around!  Needless to say that if I was not excited to eat at Figs before that moment, I definitely was then.

So what Figs is famous for is their pizzas....but we didn't know that when we ordered. We thought that the panini would be the fastest thing to order since they are sandwiches.  Please note that if you ever visit this restaurant, the pizzas are WAY faster.  But I digress...

After we ordered the waiter brought out the most amazing bread and olive oil. It was so delicious that I almost wanted to say "Just keep the panini, I'll just eat the bread!" Of course I did not say that and waited patiently for my food.  Here's what I got:

A turkey panini on sourdough bread with rosemary french fries.  The quality of the sandwich was great, although the sandwich didn't blow me away.  What did blow me away was Josh's leek & potato soup:

I don't think I have ever tasted a potato leek soup that was so creamy and complex. I say complex because none of us could figure out that "mystery taste" in the soup that made it so delicious.  If the three of us could have gone back and done it again, we would have ordered the pizza, but most importantly, we would have definitely eaten at this restaurant!


  1. To echo you: "Why wasn't I mentioned in any of it?" :) My soup was delicious, too!

  2. For some reason I didn't take a picture of I didn't know if it was appropriate to talk about something I didn't have a picture of. But yes, your soup was tasty as well!