Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolate Cake Perfection

April is the month when apparently a lot of my friends were born....which means I've been pulled in to help with the party planning (even though I'm a meeting planner in 'real life' which is not like a party planner...but I digress).  To save money, I like to make my own cake and not pay for a pricy bakery.

To make the perfect cake, first grab a box of your favorite chocolate cake mix.  Ok, I know boxed cake mix does not sound very gourmet of me....and no, this has not turned into "Semi-Homemade with Jessica"...and yes, for most desserts I would firmly demand that you just make it from scratch. But for cakes, the box is basically the dry ingredients measured out for you.  What you add to it after that is really up to you!  So save the measuring time and just buy the mix.

To take your boxed mix to the next level, I am going to give you a secret family tip on how to make a chocolate cake even more chocolaty and rich.  Are you ready??? Add a box of chocolate pudding to the mix before adding the wet ingredients.  Yep, that's it.  Something about the pudding helps to keep the cake moist and prevents the dreaded crumbling cake syndrome.  Complete the cake according to the instructions on the box, and enjoy!

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