Monday, April 25, 2011

Boston Good Eats!

Sometimes a girl needs to hit the road and head to a change of venue! That is what happened a few weekends ago.  My friend's husband was running the Boston Marathon (Go Josh!!), so they invited me to come with them to keep her (Julie) company during the race. I have never been to Boston before, so of course I said yes!

Needless to say we ate our way around the city; which should be nothing less than expected from a foodie like me! The first place Julie declared we must eat at was Max Brenner's. She saw a "Best Thing I Ever Ate" episode on chocolate, and remembered that this restaurant was on the show. Not to be completely dependent on the Food Network's review, I agreed that we must try it!

Of course the first thing I had to order was a chocolate martini...this was a chocolate restaurant after all! I had the Mocha Madness, which is a mix of Kahlua, fresh brewed espresso, milk, and dark chocolate. (sorry for the quality of the was dark in the restaurant)  The martini was pretty pricey ($12), but this had to be the best quality chocolate martini I have ever tasted, so well worth the price!  It was not too sweet and allowed the dark chocolate to really be on display. Plus, any time you add espresso to chocolate, my tongue does a little happy dance!

After this drink I was excited for the rest of my chocolate adventure....

Since we were visiting the restaurant because of a Food Network show, we had to get what they said was the best!  This was the Chocolate Dessert Pizza with "The Works". This pizza was topped with "Max's double chocolate melting chunks", bananas, toasted marshmallows, and peanut butter.  Just as promised (though I usually never doubt the opinion of those at the Food Network), this pizza was the best chocolate pizza I have ever had!  All of us agreed that this was due to the quality of the chocolate, and the way it melted so beautifully in your mouth. If the quality had gone down just slightly it would have been like any other dessert pizza.

Our only complaint was the thickness of the pizza crust. I was happy that the crust was not sweet, which allowed us to really taste the chocolate's complexity. However, the crust was so thick that I felt like all I was chewing was crust. At some point I decided to eat just the toppings off, but they needed a crust to really bring balance to the textures. So although a thinner crust is necessary, the overall rating from the table was that we were blown away! 

This dessert pizza cost $17 with "the works", but you can also get a half pizza for half the price. We almost wished after attempted to eat all 4 slices that we had only gotten a half pizza; however as we enjoyed the last slice together at the airport on the way home, none of us complained!

So if you love great quality chocolate, you should check out Max Brenner's in Boston, or any of they're other locations around the US and the world! And be on the lookout for a few more posts on my Boston adventure...

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