Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meat Head Food Truck


Being from the south, I am CRAZY for barbeque.  Since moving here a few years ago, I have tried just about every barbeque place around DC and have been sincerely disappointed. Of course,  I know DC is not known for it's barbeque, but can you blame a girl for hoping this truck will be the exception to the rule?  Sadly, Meat Heat was no exception.

I ordered the "Oink Oink", which is a pork sandwich for the $7.   After a 35 minute wait, I finally had my foot long sandwich in my hands. The sauce was actually pretty good, but the pork had no smokey barbeque taste. Instead, it tasted like it was sauteed on a flat grill. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sauteed pork; however, when you are advertising a sandwich with the words "barbeque" attached to its description, one usually expects to obtain a smoky, slow-cooked meat which was just not on this sandwich.  

On a side note (and as a personal bbq pet peeve), Meat Heat put their coleslaw on the bun instead of on top of the meat. This makes the bun fall apart in your hands, intensifies the taste of the slaw instead of the sauce, and diminishes the overall texture of the sandwich.  Plus squishy bread is just not as good. There, I've said my peace.

So if you want a large meat sandwich with barbeque sauce on top of it, this is a decent truck. However, there are so many great food trucks in DC that I would move on from this truck or wait to have barbeque at a place with real barbeque. This DC girl's quest for good barbeque continues.....


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