Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DC Empanadas Food Truck

Back on track with my "series" on food trucks, is yet another of my favorite trucks. What is the name of my new beloved truck? Why it is DC Empanadas!  As the name states, they sell a wide variety of empanadas with both traditional and creative flavor combinations. I have actually visited this truck twice...which I can only claim with one other truck, SweetBites.  So imagine my delight when I discovered a savory truck which I can not only enjoy, but is so reasonably priced that I can return again and again! (sorry lobster truck...I cannot afford you every day)

Although their website touts many different types of empanadas, the truck only brings one of each protein (pork, chicken, beef, and vegetarian) each day.  You can check out their twitter feed or the food truck finder for their empanada menu of the day.  All empanadas are $3.50 each or 3 for $9.  I, of course, chose the 3 for $9 for, umm, economies of scale reasons.  Ok, ok, it is because I can eat a lot...But anyway, below are my selections on my recent visit:

Special of the day: Eggplant & Mozzarella
The veggie empanada that day was the special of the day...which means this empanada is not on their regular menu.  The eggplant was cooked al dente (with just a little bit to it, not overcooked) and did not fall apart in your mouth like other poorly cooked eggplants. Let's celebrate for a moment a delicious vegetarian option....ok, now on to the meat.

Buffalo Chicken with blue cheese
The buffalo chicken had to be my favorite.  I was afraid that the blue cheese would overpower the chicken, but it was perfectly balanced.  I actually stopped eating this empanada mid-way through to eat my final pork empanada...just in case I liked the buffalo chicken better. (which I did)

Slow Roasted Cuban style pork, tossed with onions and a spicy guava sauce
Sadly the pork empanada was my least favorite.  **Disclaimer: DC Dmpanadas made this lack of flavor up to me the next time I ate at the truck with the "Amazingly Aroi" with Thai chili...yum!**  This empanada just lacked flavor, and I could not really tell there was a guava sauce in it.

So although I varied in my enjoyment of the fillings, overall the consistancy of the empanada crust was perfection: crisp edges and a slightly chewy, flaky middle.  Although I just ate a little while ago, I'm hungry again just thinking about these crunchy pillows of savory goodness!  I wonder if they are in my area today...

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