Monday, May 30, 2011

Top Chef (Part 3): The "Quickfire"!


Let me tell you that the Top Chef tour was a lot of fun to watch!  It was incredible seeing Carla and Ariane compete in a live quickfire...although I feel like Carla cooked more in front of the audience than Ariane did.  Of course, it was still awesome seeing the past competitors in action!

Due to some serious metro closures (I love DC....), I actually did not arrive until right before the event started, so I was unable to get on the list to sit in the tent and actually taste the food.  For this foodie, that was extremely disappointing, but what can you do when you rely on public transportation as your only means of transportation?  Getting a car would mean less money for food....and we all know how I feel about that decision!

Still, I was able to stand at the perimeter and watch.  Overall, I'm glad that I went, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day in DC, which rarely happens.  I know next year I will arrive really early to get a seat...especially if they host it again on a Memorial Day weekend! 

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