Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Graduate Gourmet Tip: Share or Save

When you are trying to enjoy a gourmet experience in an expensive town like DC, it is important to not only choose a place that will be worth the cost, but also remember to "Share or Save".

Share-  Food portions are HUGE at most restaurants.  Instead of trying to eat the whole portion in one sitting, share several dishes "family style"with a friend or two.  This way, you get the chance to try multiple entrees without busting the bank.  You may also have room in your stomach (& wallet) for dessert!

Save- This may sound like common sense, but save half of your entree to be boxed up for later.  A lot of us grew up with parents telling us to clean our plate, but don't you think you make your mom proud when you stretch your one meal into two?


  1. Truth. I try to get Joshua to share with me all the time. It's hard to convince him when he's in meaty mood (and, as you know, I am NEVER in a meaty mood), but we do always save!

    In other news, I have a funny story. In my quest to follow your blog, I made a mistake and accidentally starting following my own. How in love with myself am I? Seriously. I fixed it, though.

    I'm so excited for you and this blog, Jess! It's going to make it a lot harder for me to stop fantasizing about moving to DC, though. :)

  2. That settles it, you need to move to DC and share food with me!