Sunday, December 12, 2010

Graduate Gourmet Tip: Shop Locally, Even in the Winter!

As most of you know, the less food has to travel, the less it usually costs. Sometimes this is not the case with farmer's markets within the District as the food still has to travel to get here (I don't see many farms in the city, do you?).  However, I have found a great service which offers a way to get inexpensive, farm fresh produce delivered right to your door.  They are the Washington Green Grocer.

To utilize Washington Green Grocer, simply order a box to be delivered every week, every other week, or once only.  I purchased the small fruit and veggie box (which is 12-15 pounds of food) for $31.25.  The large box is made to feed a family of 4 with 18-20 pounds of produce for 37.75.  My small box is supposed to feed 2 people for one week.  I am actually splitting this box with a friend who lives around the corner so it works out to be a pretty good deal per person.  Take a look at this week's box:

Don't they look scrumptious?  The box changes weekly depending on what they are able to get locally.  Of course the bananas are not local, but they were really good!  If you don't want something to come in your box, you just let them know on your account and you don't have to receive it.  For example, I'm not a big fan of turnips.  This box was to include turnips, so I denoted 'no turnips' on my order and look, no turnips!

You can also add bread, milk, cheese, and even meat to your order; of course it is all local and of high quality.  I would say for the amount of produce in this box, this is a great deal, even if I were to eat it all by myself!  I will definitely be ordering a box from them again.

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