Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review: Bangkok Bistro

Today I visited one of my favorite Thai places in Georgetown: Bangkok Bistro.  It is located only one block from M Street and has TONS of seating. This is especially important for days like today when I went to lunch with around 14 people.  Every time I go here they are fast, efficient, and delicious. 

One of the reasons I love Bangkok bistro is that the lunch price also includes a bowl of sweet and sour lemongrass soup.  It has just the right amount of kick and tang to get your taste buds ready for your main course.  They also put tofu and mushrooms in the soup, which gives the soup a bit more substance than other Thai restaurants in the city.

I ordered the Panang Curry (pictured top) and one of my friends ordered the Drunken Noodles (pictured below).  I wish I could say this was the best curry I have had in DC, however today it was slightly off.  I have had their Pad Thai here and can attest that it is quite good.  I have also had friends who have tried the sushi and have said it's not bad for a thai restaurant.  All in all, I would say that my experience with the quality of food at Bangkok Bistro over the years have been above average.

Overall, for $16 (including tax/tip) I got a great cup of soup, and fast, not amazing curry.  As far as value for what you get, I think this place is great.  A graduate student always takes the chance to break one bigger meal into two, which can easily be done here since the portions are so large. You can enjoy the company of your friends, enjoy leftovers later, and enjoy the fact that your wallet has been spared.  This new cost is $8 per meal, which is much more reasonable for a DC lunch.

Rating (out of *****): ***+ 
Price (out of $$$):  $
Address:  3251 Prospect St NW, Washington D.C., DC 20007 (Georgetown)

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