Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Wasabi

I love Sushi! So when I find a decent sushi place for not a lot of money, I cannot help but go back often.  Wasabi has become a monthly/bi-monthly staple for my friend Liz and I.  If you've never tried sushi, Wasabi is the best place to go to to learn.  Instead of going to a restaurant and trying to figure out what the rolls look like and what its made of, you have multiple plates of sushi whirling past you at all times.  When you see something you want, you simply pick it off the conveyor.  If you don't see a roll you like on the conveyor, or want something hot, you can still order off the menu.  What is nice about Wasabi is that they label the plates on the conveyor as well, so if you cannot figure out what's on the roll, you can look on the menu to see what it is made out of.

How the pricing works is that each plate is a different color.  Above is a picture of the plate prices.  Wasabi does not offer many "yellow" or "orange" plates, which is a downside, but they do have an awesome happy hour special.  You can get 5 plates of any color and a drink (cocktail, soft drink, hot tea, etc) for $20.  If you do the math, that's an awesome deal!  Especially since some of my favorite rolls at Wasabi are either blue or purple plates.  I've only been able to eat 5 plates once, so come hungry!

Above is one of Liz and my favorites.  It is a volcano roll, which is basically a California roll ramped up.  I tried their rainbow roll this time as well, and most of it was good, except the white fin portion, which was a bit "fishy".  I know people laugh when I say that, but good sushi should never have a fishy taste to it.

So if you want a fast place to get decent sushi, this is the place.  I would not suggest bringing someone who is a sushi conoseur, however if you want good value and speed, this is the place to go.  They also have boxed sushi rolls, salads, and entrees in the front, so if you want to pick up a quick healthy lunch or dinner, this is also a great option.  For those of you in the Foggy Bottom area, they also have a Wasabi to Go in the Shops on Penn Ave.

Rating (out of *****): ***+
Price (out of $$$):  $
906 17th Street Northwest, Washington D.C. 20006 (Farragut Square)
Sorry for the photo quality...I took them on my phone.

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