Friday, December 31, 2010

Clementine "Cuties"

Today I dive a bit further into my discovery of awesome winter produce with another of my favorites, the clementine.

I usually associate clementines with Thanksgiving as my Aunt always brings them to Kentucky from Texas.  The large box usually does not last long as we sit around the kitchen table, talking about life as we peel.  Clementines are a great snack since they are small, keep well refrigerated or on the counter, and are easy to peel.  I did not see them in my local grocery until early December, and you can definitely find them just about any where now.  I'm taking several to work as a healthy afternoon snack since I know they will not go bad as quickly as other fruits.

I have not found many recipes using clementines, save the usual jelly, jam, or sauce.  However, like the pomegranate I think that clementines are best enjoyed in their raw, unaltered form.  So if you're looking for a fresh fruit to eat this new year, look no further than this small citrus fruit!


  1. hey, I have a cookbook with a clementine cupcake recipe. you boil them and then (skin and all) put them in a food processor to make the base of the batter. it sounds crazy, but it makes for a really nice cupcake--not too sweet. let me know if you want me to bring the book in for you next week!

  2. Hmm, that sounds interesting! Sure, I might give it a try!